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 Closer Look with David Manning

I'm an agent, I'm the owner, I'm going to make sure that you know that I'm Here To Help Today and Tomorrow with ALL your insurance needs. Sickness and Death do not discriminate! The only thing that we can control is the type and kind of coverage we have. Transfer your financial risks my friend to these insurance companies. Don't leave your family in a position where they have the entire financial burden left on them. Your family is hurting enough; take the steps today to protect them.

I'm "Here To Help Today." Let's set down and discuss and you'll see why I'm different from the others.

If you'd like to hear more about my own recovery, feel free to call me at 813-943-5740. God has blessed me and God can bless you as well. Never stop believing, never give up, and never let anyone tell you that it's not worth the fight. Life is a gift, it's a blessing and I want to make sure that my family is better off when I'm called home. How about you?

Your family will always come first; you wouldn`t want them to have to bear the financial burden of your last days. No matter what your age, it`s always good to have a plan as to how you intend to cover these costs. Final expense insurance will pay for your funeral service and other associated costs.

Your standard of living is important to you. Should you be taken ill or suffer mobility problems further down the road, we want you to lead the most comfortable life you possibly can. Long-term care insurance makes this possible. It also lifts the burden of care from those around you, improving the standard of living for everyone you hold dear.

We know about the benefits and pitfalls of group versus single insurance policies; employer-sponsored health plans; term versus whole life and other insurance `gray areas` that customers often wish to better understand. Please don`t hesitate to call us with your questions, no matter whether you are a valued customer, a potential one, or if you simply need advice.


All I can do is ask you for the opportunity to prove myself to you and that allows me to work with you will be a very important decision in helping you maintain your health insurance yearly.

I'm Here To Help You Today and I look forward to working with you!

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